David Zaepfel

Weight Loss by Learning and Understanding

 Hi, I am David.  I was an average person doing the average things that everyone else does.  Like not take care of myself and gaining weight.  And like everyone else I have no idea how to lose all the weight I put on over the years.

I listened to the media, looked at all the magazines and asked my doctor.  I tried everything with absolutely no results.

I was frustrated and giving up because without results the mind had no intention of continuing.  I said there had to be a better way and a way that will actually work so I became a research junkie.  I read, talked, watched, and did everything I could get my hands on to find a solution.

Over years of research and some trial and error, I finally found a way to lost weight and keep it off without having to do a bunch of unusual things.

I want to share my finds with you so you can live a better and healthy life.  Remember the most important thing anyone can ever have is their health.  Without your health not too much will matter in this world.