David Zaepfel

I am a regular guy that was going through life as the rest of us do.  Working 9-5 in a corporate job that I found completely unfulfilling and just going through the motions.  While just being an average person doing as all the other do I let myself go.  This is one area that I find fascinating and very disheartening at the same time.  Fascinating in that as humans we congregate together, follow, and do as the others in our group.  The disheartening part is the level of the group will remain about the same over the course of the group’s life.

I have taken note of my past habits and found that to change and make a difference requires a few things.  One is effort.  It takes work, not just the normal bare minimum effort but a lot more to achieve a higher level.  The next area is noticing the group you are in could be holding you back.  There is a quote that your income will be determined by your five closet friend’s levels of income.  If their’s is about $80K yours will be about $80K.  This holds true for most anything like income, weight, alcohol consumption, vacations, and anything else you can think of.  You have to be willing to move out of this norm and be you!

I let myself get up to 265 lbs and 30% body fat on maintenance medications and adding to them.  I was tired of being tired and looking and feeling like I did.  However, I was like everyone else and did not know how to correct this issue.  So a challenged the status quo used my talents to really understand the weight loss process not just what the media teaches and found out what really works.  I now want to share this will you so that you can get to your desired weight without having to go through all the difficulties of how weight loss really works.              



These are the areas that I specialize in.

  • Helping Others 100% 100%
  • Weight Loss Knowledge 100% 100%
  • Coaching 100% 100%
  • Help You Live a Better Life 100% 100%
  • Morals and Ethics 100% 100%