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After many years in the corporate world, I had enough.  I was not even supposed to be in the corporate world as I am dyslexic and was told I would not graduate from college.  I took that to heart and went off to get not one but two undergraduate degrees in four years then top that off with an MBA.  Not bad for someone who was told they could not.

Once in the corporate world, I excelled, taking control of the Fortune 500 companies I worked at most critical data.  You see, I was “the data guy” building financial databases and delivering on never seen before data with lightning speed.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well, it was not, it was just another job that the company was trying to eliminate to save money.  And after awhile I knew this was not for me!

So I made the change.  I now work from home on what I enjoy doing, using technology, helping others with it, and most of all building value in the world not for a company.

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I had the fortune and opportunity to go through the pinpoint your purpose used by Simon Sinek and the skills/values assessment administered by professionals. This is an eyeopening experience as these trained individuals have no bias, no agenda and heard every possible scenario. What they are looking for is what you are saying, how you are saying it and why you are saying it. From this, they distill down the essence of you and sum this up in a purpose statement and core values that you are aligned with or should I say is ultimately you. Here are my core values that shape, drive, motivate, and reflect who I truly am!

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