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by Feb 12, 2019Wealth

In this article, I will be exploring success and travel but more specifically the amount of time an average business person travels each year. To start we know there are many great benefits to travel in the business world which help and grow us. Some of the benefits include:

  • Adaptability with new environments, cultures, time management.
  • Dealing with time, location and financial constraints.
  • Networking and making new contacts outside the regular existing group you currently operate in.
  • Seeing the word up close and not just in pictures.
  • Not having to pay the bill, the company picks the tab up.

There are quite a number of benefits from traveling the world but there are also a number of disadvantages to travailing to be a successful professional. The BIGGEST is time!!! Time away from your family. Time away from the office. Time away from exercise. Time is something we never get back or can replace. notes most business trips are between 3 and 4 days. Most of this travel is for general business. There are other statistics that have the numbers at 6 nights per trip with 14 trips a year for 84 nights or almost 3 months away from home. I do not know about you but being away from my family for a quarter of a year missing my kid’s events, wife and friends are not high on my list.

There are no statistics showing a direct relationship between travel and success or the amount of travel and how successful one becomes. However, in the current corporate world, there is a degree of travel and success. Or this is the appearance from the past. Today with video conferencing and other technologies meeting is so much simpler than traveling to a destination to meet in person. Maybe the days for the year-long traveler will come to an end or at least be greatly reduced.

The question comes down to how much are you willing to sacrifice! Your time or your career? Only you can answer this question.

If you don’t have time to take care of your health, YOU WILL make time to take care of your illness!  What side of the equation do you want to be on?

Hello, my name is David Zaepfel. I blog about things that matter to you and try to break them down into simple and easy terms so that you can understand what is really going on.  I am a firm believer that simple is the best way to go.  Don’t overly complicate things as life is complicated enough without being bombarded with over the head talk.  Keep it simple!  Let me know what you think.


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